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Roofing Contractors Eagan | Various types of Roofing

While installing a new roof or roofing repair isn’t necessarily the most exciting or highest priority on the list of home improvements for Eagan MN homeowners, it could quite possibly be the most important one. With extreme weather changes ranging from blizzardy winters and heavy rains from storms to extreme heat and sun, Eagan Minnesota homes are constantly exposed through their roofs to heat and cooling losses, water leakages, and poor insulation. Therefore, you might have decided to consider local Eagan roofing contractors to have yours upgraded. But wait, you have no clue how prices work, or what material or type of roof you should go with. While asphalt is the most common and generally the most expensive material used by Roofing Contractors, Eagan Minnesota homeowners have used tile, plastics, wood, and metallic compounds too. In this blog we discuss some of the preferences people have. Roofing Contractors Eagan MN

Roofing Contractors Eagan

Roofing Contractors Eagan | Pros and Cons of Common Materials

Asphalt is a classic material for roofing, given that it is very durable and has a big variety of colors and textures to offer, plus easy installation and suitability for a spectrum of weather conditions and regions. The material is waterproof and lasts around 2 decades. However, more durable asphalt roofs are available, although at higher costs. Disadvantages of asphalt are that it’s not as durable as some of the heavier tiles available in the market, and is often susceptible to marks and fading due to weather conditions. However, algae resistant options are also available in the market and might be available through your roofing contractor in Eagan MN. Roofing Contractors Eagan MN

Slate and Tile roofs are the second most popular option for Eagan MN roofing, especially for more upscale looks. These have a more natural appearance, are fire resistant, more vulnerable to rot, and require low maintenance. Life expectancy is usually very long, as long as 100 years. Slate is found in many different colors and types in the market. However, slate easily brakes underfoot, and can spoil maintenance of rooftops and make cleaning difficult. Tiles are also often much heavier so the renovation needs to be done on a solid house structure. Ceramic tiles are susceptible to erosion, so slates and tiles aren’t exactly the best for places with very extreme weather conditions. High winds in particular or storms that may hit Eagan Minnesota, can damage the roof seriously. Roofing Contractors Eagan MN storm damage

Metallic roofing has always remained in the outskirts of the Eagan Minnesota but persisted because of several notable perks. Because of breakthroughs in technology, metal alloys are becoming lighter, more robust to weather conditions, and cheaper too. Metal roofing is usually very robust and can take seasonal impact such as hail storms and snowing. However, corrosion can still occur and metal roofs can be noisy and very tricky to install. Therefore, only very reputable local Eagan roofing contractors should be considered for the roof installation.

Roofing Contractors Eagan MN storm damage

Wood shakes and cedar shingles is made naturally and is a lot more ecofriendly and renewable as a resource for roofing. Recycle wood or harvested wood is most often used making it even better in the grand scheme of things. One considerable disadvantage of wood is that it is often prone to rotting, and the premium for the material and upkeep is pretty expensive. This is the reason wooden roofings are usually installed for decorative reasons where weather conditions are more stable and maintenance is easier.

The Construction Company You Can Depend On

Cuzzin Construction has been a reliable General Contractor and Experienced Construction Company since 2000. Being a great Roofing Contractor we’re proud to have the best Roofing pros in the business working with us. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed our high standards and our clients’ expectations. Roofing Contractors Eagan

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