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Roof Repair in Bloomington MN | Sign You Need a Roof Repair (Part 1)

Finding the perfect home is hard enough. You want to make sure it's in a good location and that it's big enough for your family, but most importantly, you want to know that the roof is going to last as long as possible. A home repair can be expensive, especially when it comes to something as important as your roof, but there are some signs that indicate you need a roof repair. Here are common signs that show when your roof needs work: Roof Repair in Bloomington MN

Roof Repair in Bloomington MN

Water is leaking into your home.

You should call a roofing contractor if there are any signs that water is leaking into your home. Water leaking into your home can cause damage to your belongings and to the structure of your house. Water leaks can also promote mold growth and rot, which will only make a bad situation worse. In addition, if water is leaking in through your roof, there might be something wrong with its shingles or other components—and if they're not working properly, they could be causing further damage elsewhere in the building as well.

So what do we mean by "water leaks"? We're talking about significant amounts of moisture that show up on walls, ceilings, or floors—for example:

  • Moldy smell coming from inside after it rains outside

  • A damp spot on one side of the living room ceiling but not on another side

  • If you are noticing these water leaks, this can be a sign that you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. Contact a trusted contractor for your roof repair today!

Excessive granules are in your gutters.

If you notice granules in your gutters, this can be a sign that your shingles are aging or have been damaged by a storm. The granules are part of the shingle that can fall off when the shingles are getting old or if they have been damaged. It can also indicate that your roof is leaking. Shingle wear can occur when you don’t replace them as often as they should be replaced, which will cause them to age faster than they should. If this happens, they won’t protect your home the way they should and cause leaks. When the granules fall off the shingles, this makes them less effective so your shingles and roof are not protecting your home as they should be.

Shingles are aging.

The shingles on your roof can last up to 50 years depending on the material. As they age, they may need to be replaced. Roofers can replace damaged or aging shingles with new ones, ensuring that your roof is safe and secure. Some shingle materials tend to last longer than others. But as the shingles reach the end of their life, they will not be as effective in their protection. There are signs of aging shingles and an aging roof. This can include if they are faded or if they are cracked or falling apart. It is important to make sure your roof shingles are updated so they do their job of protecting your home.

Moss or fungus is growing.

If you notice moss or fungus growing on your roof, it's time for a roof replacement. Moss and fungus can lead to leaks in the ceiling and even give off toxic spores if they're not taken care of immediately. If you see any kind of growth, call an expert to come out and check it out immediately! You may need to replace your roof to get rid of the shingles on your roof to stop the moss and fungus growth. Your roof is important for protecting your home so you should take the needed steps to keep your roof in good condition. Contact a local roofing contractor for roofing help today!

Are you ready to have your roof inspected before winter? Reach out to your local general contractor. At Cuzzin Construction, we can help with a roof repair or replacement to make sure your home will last for years to come. We are your local general contractor in Bloomington Minnesota. We help with roof repairs in your Minneapolis home. Contact us today to learn more!

Roof Repair in Bloomington MN

Roof Repair in Bloomington MN

Roof Repair in Bloomington MN​

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