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Deck Builder in Mendota Heights MN | How To Know You Need a New Deck Built (Part 1)

A deck is a great way to expand your outdoor living space, but it can also be a huge pain if it isn't built well. If you're thinking about replacing your existing deck, here are some signs that you should consider doing so: Deck Builder in Mendota Heights MN

Deck Builder in Mendota Heights MN

Your deck is unsafe

If your deck is unsafe, this is a big reason why you need to have a new deck built. Here are just some ways your deck may not be safe:

  • You've noticed that your deck is not up to code. If you live in a suburb and the city requires decks to be built using certain materials or standards, then it's possible that your deck may not meet these standards. The city inspector could also discover this deficiency during an inspection and tell you that it must be fixed.

  • Your deck is no longer structurally sound and/or safe for anyone to use—including yourself! If your wood has splintered and nails are sticking up (which can cause injury), have been missing chunks of wood, or if the boards are unevenly spaced apart from each other on their joists (also called ledger boards), then they need replacing before anyone steps foot on them again!

  • Nails or screws are sticking up out of your wood, making walking barefoot uncomfortable because they poke into the skin when walking across those areas with bare feet without shoes or socks. Or worst-case scenario: a child steps on one, causing pain and possibly bleeding.

Your current deck does not have the space you need.

It can be difficult to know when you need a new deck built, especially if you haven't had much experience with them before. Here are some signs that your current deck is too small:

  • You don't have enough room for everyone to sit down at once. If your current deck is small and doesn't have enough seating options for everyone (including guests) who wants a place to sit down, it may be time for an upgrade.

  • You've got plants on the deck and/or other items that take up space. Whether it's a grill, potted plants, or another item like an umbrella, anything that takes up valuable space on your back porch will make it harder for some people or activities to fit in.

  • Your family has grown significantly since you built the deck last decade (or more). A larger family means more people who want places where they can hang out together—and you want to make sure there is enough room for everyone!

Your deck is in disrepair and its finish is worn down.

If you've neglected your deck and its finish is worn down, it's time to replace it. Your decking material is likely made from wood, which can be damaged by the elements and rot over time. Wood also needs regular maintenance so that any problems can be addressed before they become too serious. It is often good to restain your deck every few years to help it last longer. Signs your finish is wearing down is that it is no longer all the same color of the original finish; some areas are chipping off or the color is fading. If splinters are sticking up, this could also mean you need to freshen up your finish. If you're unsure if your decking needs replacing, consult with a professional who can assess your situation and offer guidance on repair or replacement options.

You want a more modern-looking deck with better materials than your existing deck offers.

If you want a more modern-looking deck with better materials than your existing deck offers, it's time to think about building a new one. This is especially true if you're in an area where there's a lot of moisture and/or high temperatures. As mentioned above, wood is prone to rot and decay over time. If this has already started happening with your current deck, a new one will be required—and not just because of its appearance!

Materials like cedar, redwood, and ipe are more expensive than pressure-treated wood but last longer and are more resistant to rot and decay as well as mold growth. They also have a nicer appearance that many homeowners sometimes prefer. However, composite decking is an affordable alternative that can provide similar results in terms of durability while still being eco-friendly (if the material used is recycled plastic).

These are all great reasons why you may want to replace your deck soon. You want to make sure it is safe for you and your guests. And you want to make sure that there is enough space for everyone too. If you are ready for a new deck to be built, contact your local deck builders, Cuzzin Construction. We are your trusted Mendota Heights MN construction company. We can build a new deck that you can enjoy while the weather is nice!

Deck Builder in Mendota Heights MN

Deck Builder in Mendota Heights MN

Deck Builder in Mendota Heights MN

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