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Key Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer (Part 4)

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your deck. Keeping your deck in great condition will help keep it looking great throughout the seasons, help it maintain its durability, and help it last longer. Proper deck maintenance is crucial for good upkeep. Parts 1-3 of this blog series noted several important ways to maintain your deck this summer; here are 3 more considerations when it comes to summer deck maintenance: Key Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

Key Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

Sweep Frequently

A quick and easy way to maintain your deck this summer is simply by sweeping frequently. Leaves, dirt, and other forms of debris blow around in the summer breeze and can land on (and accumulate on) your deck. After a while, this buildup of debris can start to negatively impact your deck. A pile of old leaves can accumulate moisture and eventually contribute to wood rot or other forms of decay. Sweeping your deck frequently will be beneficial when it comes to keeping it looking well kept and maintained.

Consider Sealing Your Composite Deck

Sealing your composite deck is a great way to protect your investment, especially living in Minnesota where we are constantly exposed to harsh and unpredictable elements. Composite decks are more resistant than their wood counterparts, which means that they're less likely to splinter or rot. They also last longer because they do not absorb moisture like other woods. Also note that a great benefit of sealing your composite deck is that a well-sealed composite deck is easier for you to clean and maintain throughout the year.

Keep Up With Deck Maintenance

Keeping your deck looking new is a key part of making sure it remains in good condition. Here are some tips for summer maintenance:

  • Keep it clean. Cleaning and other general housekeeping practices are a great way to start your deck maintenance plan. Cleaning off the pollen and grime from winter will help ensure that your deck looks clean and sleek for summer parties. You don’t want mud stains on one of the most visible parts of your home! If you have pets or children, it is especially important to clean off your deck so as to minimize slipping risks.

  • Keep it dry, too! If there’s too much moisture present in the wood itself then mold can develop which could cause rot down the road. Make sure there isn't standing water on or near your deck and instead invest in an outdoor fan if necessary!

If you notice your deck is rotting or has damage and needs more upkeep than sweeping, it’s important to contact your local decking contractors right away. At Cuzzin Construction, we are proud to offer several decking services to help ensure your deck is safe and beautiful throughout the seasons. Contact us today, your local decking contractor in Cottage Grove MN, for more information.

Key Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

Key Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

Key Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

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