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Roof Repair in Apple Valley MN | Sign You Need a Roof Repair (Part 2)

Are there signs that your roof is not protecting your home as it should be? Maybe there are leaks inside or pieces of shingles that have broken off. Or have you noticed some damage after one of our recent summer storms? This blog will go through some signs you may need a roof repair or roof replacement. Continue reading to learn more: Roof Repair in Apple Valley MN

Roof Repair in Apple Valley MN

Missing shingles or buckling shingles.

If you notice shingles missing or buckling, it's time to assess whether the damage is serious enough to require a roof repair. Missing shingles can be caused by several factors—the most common being age and weather conditions. If your old roof has been exposed to strong winds and storms over the years, there's a chance that some of the shingles may have broken off or been blown off altogether. Shingles become brittle with age and are more likely to break under pressure from wind gusts or heavy raindrops.

Although buckling shingles don't always indicate a serious issue, they could mean there is an underlying problem with your roof that needs further inspection. Buckling happens when water seeps into areas between layers of plywood within your attic (this occurs when there are gaps between boards) and freezes before it dries out again; this causes structural damage as well as mold growth in those spaces where moisture remains trapped for long periods without proper ventilation

You Had Roof Damage From a Storm

If your roof sustained damage from a storm, you may have noticed some of these signs on the outside of your home. For example:

  • A broken shingle or piece of flashing ( the metal that covers joints)

  • Cracked sheathing (the plywood or OSB that covers the rafters or trusses)

  • A Leak in your house

This summer we had some big storms. Some areas were hit harder than others. If you were in an area of the Twin Cities that was hit with one of the bigger storms this season, you may want your roof inspected to see if you would need a roof replacement or roof repair. Storms can cause lots of damage, especially to the roof of your home. Storms have powerful winds that can blow shingles off your roof. There could also be hail that damages the shingles and roof if the hail is large enough or is falling hard. It is important to repair any storm damage on your roof before the weather cools off too much otherwise you will have to wait until next year. Reach out to your local roofing company today to see if you need roof repair after a summer storm.

Looking for these common signs will help protect your most important asset, your home

If you see any of these problems, it’s time to call a roofing contractor.

  • Your roof is leaking. Roofing contractors install, repair, and maintain roofs to make sure they don’t leak. In fact, if you have a leak in your home that isn't coming from the plumbing system (such as a bathroom or kitchen sink), it's most likely coming from the roof. A qualified roofing professional will be able to identify what caused the leak and repair it immediately so water doesn't continue dripping into your home.

  • Water damage has occurred on your ceiling or walls inside your house because of leaks in the attic space above the ceiling line or leaks in other parts of the structure where moisture can get in like doorways and windowsills;

  • The appearance of mold on ceilings or walls inside rooms near leaks indicates there is an issue with moisture control within these areas which may require professional attention from someone who specializes in indoor environmental issues like mold remediation;

  • There are visible signs of shingle degradation such as missing pieces, curling edges, or torn sections along flange lines — all indications that replacement is necessary to keep up with current building codes while also ensuring maximum energy efficiency

Now you have learned a little more about the roof on your house and if you might need repair. If you have realized you may need a roof repair on your Apple Valley Minnesota home, reach out to a local trusted company. Cuzzin Construction is your local general contractor company. We are looking forward to helping you with your roof repairs today. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

Roof Repair in Apple Valley MN

Roof Repair in Apple Valley MN

Roof Repair in Apple Valley MN​



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