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Deck Ideas Bloomington MN | Planning your Dream Deck

You may perceive your home deck as a simple wooden platform sitting in your backyard with your abandoned grill and a chair or two, but with just a little investment and good design, the space can completely transform to be your fabulous summer getaway and your Bloomington MN home’s central entertainment center. Since Minnesota is perfect for enjoying a well-built summer deck, we at Cuzzin Construction LLC. decided to compile some of our favorite Deck Ideas. Check out this nifty list of things to keep in mind and let your imagination run wild! Deck Ideas Bloomington MN

Landscape: A lot of homeowners rule out decks in their backyards because of hillside landscape or gardens. This is a lapse in judgement as some of the best most beautiful decks are built on slopes! Have a steep edge is the perfect opportunity to have an unobstructed view for you to lounge and watch sunsets on. The decks can easily sport stairways for the sake of accessibility, if you would like to head down and take a walk in the woods or your neighborhood. Deck Ideas Bloomington MN

Deck Tiers/Levels: Another great idea is to tier the deck. For this there are many reasons: first it breaks up monotony of a large flat space. It can also be done to work with landscape as slopes are easier to tier than build flat. Deck Tiers or different levels can also allow for sectioning; perhaps one part of your deck is where you lounge and watch the kids play, another could host the jacuzzi or gazebo, and another might be the grilling area. If you want to highlight a view, having more than one level allows a better vantage point. Also, privacy can be accentuated by creating a more intimate space for family time that is not directly exposed from the street view. Besides, different levels allow for fabulous decor and create a sense of journey and excitement as you walk down from one section to another. No wonder most of your favorite resorts or other vacation getaways have tiered seating areas near the beach and pool. Deck Ideas Bloomington MN

Deck Railing: One of the most neglected features of the deck is the railing. It is either completely ignored as a potentially beautiful addon, or given minimal attention and taken as more of a necessary safety measure than anything else. We at Cuzzin Construction humbly disagree. Sky's the limit when it comes to types of railing that may be chosen to enhance a deck. From beautiful woods to low maintenance composites, glass to rod-iron metallics, there are railing that look good and blend in, and survive all sorts of weather conditions in your Bloomington home. And of course, railing also adds structure and integrity to your well-built deck. Deck Ideas Bloomington MN

Deck Wraparound: A gorgeous deck deserves a gorgeous view, but with wraparound decks come a few unique challenges. One of the first thing a construction company helps you decide is the find of decking pattern. The best patterns are usually ones that work seamlessly and uniformly with existing lines of the house. A well-designed wraparound offers one spot suitable for grilling or barbecues, another for tanning and lounging, and perhaps another for private family hangouts; all with a correctly placed turn of a corner that has your Bloomington home and your needs in mind. Deck Ideas Bloomington MN

Deck Seating: When utilizing decking space and brainstorming how it is to be built, it is important to keep in mind where you will be seated. There are many considerations to make here: how many members you have in the family, where and how the kids will utilize the deck and if they are young: how they can be easily observed while you unwind yourself, if there is a gazebo or a dining area, how many people it can accommodate? Perhaps you would want to allocate a sizeable enough section for you to place your lounging chairs a certain way, such that you are able to see a particular view. Maybe you want to also not be seen from the street. All these choices need to be kept in mind and a construction specialist can help your Bloomington deck to accommodate whatever seating plans you have in mind. Now that you have all the deck ideas you need, what are you waiting for? Get creative! Deck Ideas Bloomington MN

Deck Ideas Bloomington MN | The Construction Company You Can Depend On

Cuzzin Construction has been a reliable Inver Grove Heights Construction Company since 2000. Being a great service provider means having complete and total confidence in the people providing those services, and we’re proud to have the best pros in the business working with us. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed our high standards and our clients’ expectations. Deck Ideas Bloomington MN

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